Travis Carey, Luthier
Maker of Renaissance and Baroque lutes

Terms and conditions

I ask a deposit of US$500 to secure a place on my building schedule. When I'm about to start work on your lute, I will ask for a further payment, to be determined according to the price of the instrument. I will ask for a final payment upon the instrument's completion, before shipping or pick-up.

Final payment includes:

The cost of the case is not included in the instrument's price. I order custom-made cases from Kingham MTM Casemakers in the United Kingdom.

The deposit is non-refundable. If for any reason you are not able to accept delivery of the completed instrument, I will refund all payments made excluding the US$500 deposit. (The deposit may be applied to a future order.)

For Canadian residents only, GST will be charged on the instrument, case, and other costs outlined above.

For U.S. customers, lutes and lute accessories are duty-free between Canada and the U.S.


Travis Carey, Luthier
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