Travis Carey, Luthier
Maker of Renaissance and Baroque lutes

10 course multi-ribbed lute after the C45 Tieffenbrucher, 67 cm

This lute offers the full-bodied, multi-ribbed 10 course experience. It is the classic shape and size of the early 17th century English and Continental lute, and has a large, majestic sound that is especially well suited to that repertoire. The chanterelle sings, the basses anchor the sound, and the middle range - which is the focal point of much of the repertoire - is clear and solid. At this string length, the neck has 10 frets (9 are tied), and the lute tunes in modern-pitch f'. The fingerboard is moderately arched (about 1.5mm at the nut), and the back of the neck is slightly flattened, giving a very comfortable and positive feel to the left hand. The body has 31 ribs, either dark yew with sycamore spacers or striped yew without spacers. Neck and pegbox are veneered in ebony, and there is an ebony soundboard edging and inlaid heart below the bridge.
This lute is also available as an 8- or 9-course model.

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