Travis Carey, Luthier
Maker of Renaissance and Baroque lutes

11 course lute after Hans Frei, 70.5 cm

This lute is based on the Frei lute in the Warwick County Museum; it's long been recognized by players and makers as as an excellent 11c model. This lute would have begun its life as a 6 or 7 course in the mid-16th century, and been converted to 11 courses in the early 17th century. (The body and soundboard are thought to be original; the neck and pegbox are 17th century additions.) This lute is shimmering with sound, and is very well suited to the subtle rhetoric and refined ornamentation of the 17th century French repertoire.

The back is of 11 curly maple ribs without spacers; the neck and pegbox are veneered in ebony, and there is an ebony binding on the belly. The fingerboard is arched approximately 2.5 mm at the nut end, giving a very comfortable and positive feel.

peg detail bowl and back detail rose detail

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